Sticky Teaching™

How to make learning stick!

Whole School Staff Training, half day and twilight sessions.

Sticky Teaching™ unpicks:

  • Successful ways to help learning "stick"
  • Why metacognition matters and how we can help pupils develop this skill.
  • Engaging and Memorable Revision activities to raise achievement with all learners
  • How to motivate and inspire pupils to become more independent in their learning

How sticky learning can help pupils ace tests and examinations!

  • Maximise success with pupils as they move from module to linear assessment
  • Ensure that there are "no passengers" in lessons
  • Help pupils devise effective ways to review, reflect and recall
  • Develop a real "Growth Mindset" and resilience in every learner - staff included!
  • Make feedback more "sticky" to consolidate learning

  • Training Bespoke to your school's context
  • Key messages and actions to take forward for all staff
  • Ensure value for money by booking with the trainer direct

Download the training course pdf here

Caroline Bentley-Davies

Caroline Caroline is the author of five books on teaching and learning, including the best-selling "How to be an Amazing Teacher". She trains staff in schools and colleges across the UK and internationally. Her training is most often described as "inspiring" and "engaging". She still teaches demonstration lessons and runs pupil revision sessions in schools where pupils say that the learning has been certainly made "sticky". For more information about Caroline please see:

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Tel: 07894 596259

Twitter: @realcbd

Caroline is often unable to answer the telephone because she is training or in school, but she attends to her email regularly. If you are unable to speak to her by telephone, please leave a message by email and she will get back to you.