Sticky Teaching and Learning

How to make your students remember what you teach them

book cover

The Sticky Classroom: Teacher Expectations and Student Mindsets

The six areas of sticky teaching

Teacher expectations for effective sticky learning

How are high expectations signalled to pupils?

Student mindset: securing sticky learning

The Classroom Climate for Sticky Learning: Increasing Pupil Independence

What might you expect to see in a sticky classroom?

Two classroom climates

Why the right climate supports great learning

The physical climate: wall displays

The learning climate in the lesson: promoting independence

Sticky Stages in Teaching and Learning: Sticky Planning

What is the most important learning in this lesson or series of lessons?

Student questions

Avoiding planning pitfalls

Reinforcing and reviewing previous learning

Planning for Reviewing Learning


Retrieval practice evidence

Retrieval activities that work

A Sticky Lesson in Action

Summary of positive observations

Observations on the lesson

Questioning for Learning and Feedback

Who asks questions?

False positives

Breaking down the barriers

The Importance of Engaging with Getting Things Wrong

Why incorrect answers help us

Multiple-choice questions: do they help learning stick?

Appropriate challenge

Feedback That Makes Learning Stick

Who gives feedback?

Six characteristics of quality feedback

Peer and Self-Assessment: Why It Matters

The steps for successful peer assessment


The Toolkit: 50 Strategies to Help Your Students Remember What You Teach Them

Sticky Teaching in Practice: Active Classroom Strategies

Sticky Teaching in Practice: Plenaries

Whole School Staff INSET, half day and twilight sessions

  • Training Bespoke to your school's context
  • Key messages and actions to take forward for all staff
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Caroline Bentley-Davies